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Real Time Product Cycle Management 

Parsel is a cloud based, scalable and secure platform focused on the complete SKU lifecycle (inventory, warehouse, dispatch & delivery) for businesses in diverse sectors. Easy to integrate, deploy and use, Parsel also implements Data driven tools to ensure efficiencies and savings. 

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The App


Easy to integrate APIs, easy to set up and deploy across the entire storage & logistics ecosystem 

End to end Tracing & Tracking

Across Inventory, Warehouse, Dispatch & Delivery 

Automated Route & Vehicle Optimisation

Ensuring efficient dispatch, fleet/vendor utilisation and continuous tracking

Automated Driven Fulfilment Tool

Picklist generation, Worker Utilisation and Packing Assistance to multiply savings and eliminate redundancies 

Dashboard Control Tower


Picklist/Putaway List

  • Quick Master List Setup

  • Dedicated Dashboard

  • Real Time Data

  • Reports & Updates

  • For Managers & Controllers

  • Ease of third party integrations 



Mobile App

  • Storage Optimisation

  • Route Optimisation

  • Real Time Tracking

  • ePoD Confirmation

  • For Workers & Drivers

  • Scan QR/Bar Codes

About Us
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Data Driven Tools

  • Automatic picklist/putaway list generation using an unique order processing methodology 

  • Pick route optimisation to ensure unidirectional flow vehicle optimisation to ensure better fleet utilisation  

  • Route optimisation to ensure better fleet optimisation 

  • Workforce optimisation to ensure higher productivity and cost saving


Satisfied Customers

“Parsel has changed the way we operate and ensured a seamless system that makes our business efficient with real time data.”

Keyur Shah, TJUK

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